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My photography started a year after I first got in to birdwaching in 2005.  The photography followed as I was leant a camera to use for a day, and I was hooked.  After this I got a digiscoping kit for my Birthday and, although I was happy with this to start with, I couldn't get the shots I was looking for and I wanted to challenge myself with better equipment so that I could develop both my skills as a photographer and as a birdwatcher.  

I first brought a second hand Canon 20D and used a 300 f4 USM lens, this was leant to me by a friend.  Following this I brought a 50-500mm Sigma lens and a Canon 1D Mark II.  I have also been using a Conon 100-400 f5.6 lens.

I have met some great people through this hobby and some life long friends. 

Above you will find a link to Gavin Hoey on YouTube.  I have learnt a lot from his video's.  Have a look, you will be amazed at what you can learn.


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This is my first go at creating a website, I would be grateful for your feedback and also please feel free to visit my guestbook and leave your comments.   I have started to add my pictures, not just of birds but also from different subjects that I have just started to look in to.  Please pop back and check for my latest picture updates.





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